Simplicity makes difference!

We are nomads living and moving around the world, we have simple and minimalistic lives. Home is everywhere we go, because we don’t believe in borders, boundaries, national or religious limitations. We like to move around and witness life from the first hand. We are all highly educated people, seeking for another world set-up. We believe that change is possible together, only actually by actively doing something for it… 

We are not happy with how the system imposes us to live and work in particular ways. We like to create and produce and we do this as part of our existential journey, therefore we do it in our authentic ways. We are all experts in different topics that we are passionate about, and we’ve devoted ourselves into these topics. 

We are the deviants of post-modern age, though we’re aware, we feel responsible, we care about what’s going on in the world. We academically and practically know how strong media tools can be when it comes to manipulation and propaganda, and we want to use our knowledge and experience in good means. 

It’s been more than hundred years since the mass production was invented, we are still trapped in this notion as humanity. We believe that only when we create high quality and personal products, things can change again. Thus we’d like to get to know you, understand your needs, take time for the process of creation and deliver you a personalised end product. 

Do you want your product to be one of the invisible products in the mass, or do you want to manifest who you are and let your product be an authentic version of yourself. However, we don’t encourage you to compete, instead we encourage you to learn from each other and not to fear markets. Markets could be saturated by similar products with yours, but we believe that you don’t have to copy what’s already out there. We’d like to encourage you to let your product take its place without needing to compete. 

We’d like to work with gift economy in small scale projects. We want to also manifest that other ways of dealing with economics is possible. Though according to the scale of projects we receive, we’d like to discuss costs and payments.

We would like to encourage you to get in touch with us, even though you think that your budget wouldn’t be enough, we believe that we can find solutions together.

All the best,

Contentbum Team